Simple Gun DIY Upgrades You Can Do Next Weekend

Gun collecting is an exciting hobby. In addition to time spent at the gun range, you can also upgrade different aspects of each gun in your collection according to your needs. Here's what you need to know about gun DIY upgrades.


Common gun do-it-yourself upgrades often start with the gun's sights. The front sight is the most important part of the sight system. A front sight that's too small will be hard to see, while a front sight that's too large will obscure your target. The best front sight is the same size as your rear sight.

You can upgrade your rear sight by installing a ghost ring sight. This type of rear sight is easier to use than the standard open sights with most guns. A ghost ring sight consists of a small, round aperture in the center of the rear sight. When looking through the sight, you should see a round dot in the center of the aperture.


You can also upgrade the grips on your gun. There are various grip materials to choose from, including wood, rubber, and synthetic materials. New grips not only prevent slippage but also give your gun a new look.

Worn grips can cause you to lose control of your gun, so it's important to replace them when they show signs of wear.


Another gun do-it-yourself upgrade you can do is to work on the trigger. A good trigger should have a smooth, consistent pull. You can usually improve the trigger pull on your gun by polishing the sear and hammer surfaces or by installing a lighter trigger spring to reduce the trigger pull weight.

Guide Rod

If you're looking for gun do-it-yourself upgrades that will improve performance, you may want to consider upgrading the guide rod. A good guide rod will help your gun cycle smoothly and reduce wear on the slide and frame.


You can also add a suppressor to your gun. A suppressor helps reduce the gunshot noise and can make shooting more enjoyable. An upgraded gun suppressor is desirable because it's more durable, can be used with various caliber guns, and protects your hearing. In fact, recent legislation was introduced to re-classify suppressors to "help preserve the hearing of sportsmen and their hunting dogs."

These are just a few gun DIY upgrades you can do to improve your gun. With a bit of time and effort, you can improve your collection and make your guns look and shoot better.

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