Integrating Bloodstain Forensics In Criminal Investigations

Typically, all charges before a criminal court must be proved using reliable evidence. Technological advancement and growth in the DNA and blood analysis industries have significantly improved the accuracy and reliability of DNA evidence. Bloodstain pattern forensics analysis services work with law enforcement to establish or delink an accused's connection to a crime scene. However, conducting bloodstain forensic analysis to determine a fundamental finding that breaks a case wide open is not as easy as television portrays. Instead, forensic analysis requires highly qualified forensic examiners from a certified bloodstain pattern forensic analysis service. Below are a few advantages of hiring these services.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Typically, the first law enforcement officers to respond to a crime scene should secure it. Securing the crime scene entails barricading the area of interest and barring entry from unauthorized parties. Blood and bloodstains at a crime scene are crucial pieces of evidence. They can be found on the floor, walls, weapons, and pieces of cloth. Bloodstain pattern forensic analysis services employ highly trained experts to review and prepare reports on the crime being investigated. The experts providing these services also establish the relevant physical characteristics of the blood, like shape, size, location, surface texture, and blood distribution. They then deduce the various bloodstain categories present to be included in the submitted reports.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Unlike the Hollywood portrayal of forensic experts during investigations, real-life bloodstain pattern forensic analysis services do not completely recreate crime scenes. Typically, forensic experts deal with tiny but vital details when analyzing what could have happened based on the remaining evidence. However, experienced forensic experts can deduce from the present blood samples and patterns the source of the blood and how many people's trace DNA is in the crime scene. The forensic expert establishes where the person may have bled from based on the blood analysis report. Thus, bloodstain pattern forensic analysis services help law enforcement recreate a crime scene using vital details, facilitating investigations.

Facilitating Expert Testimony During Trials

Whereas courtrooms are run by lawyers and judges who specialize in legal matters, some cases often involve technical issues, which the court lacks the expertise to settle. In such cases, courts rely on expert testimony from bloodstain pattern forensic analysis services to make inferences that an ordinary layperson could not make. Experts offering these types of services help the court make or break a defendant's connection to the crime scene. Thus, they act as expert witnesses in criminal cases and wrongful conviction cases.

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