Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Bail Bond Service

If you are arrested, hiring a bail bonding company can help you to better secure your immediate release. While hiring bail bond services, many people end up making mistakes that can jeopardize their freedom. 

Here are common mistakes to avoid when hiring a bail bonding company.

Failure to Consider the Availability and Hours of Service

It is difficult to know when you will get arrested since most arrests happen when least expected. For a smooth process, ensure you hire a local bail bonding company available around the clock. It can be frustrating having to wait in prison for hours since you contacted a bonding company that opens within specified hours. Therefore, ensure you consider the availability and hours of service of a bail bonding company before hiring.

Providing Wrong Information

When hiring bail bonding services, you need to fill out a few forms and undertake a bail assessment. Providing false information can nullify the bail bonding agreement. Similarly, lying during bail assessment can have your bond request revoked. Therefore, be completely honest when hiring a bail bonding company to avoid risking your freedom.

Providing the Wrong Co-signer

Normally, bail charges are set based on the type of offense you committed and your past criminal record. Bail bonding services offer to pay the bail amount to secure your release, but you must offer collateral that meets your bail charges or provide a co-signer to act as a guarantor if you do not have enough collateral. The guarantor must be financially stable and capable of catering bail bond commissions and other expenses. If you provide a co-signer who is not capable of meeting these demands, they are considered unreliable, delaying your release.

Missing Payment Deadlines

Bail bond companies have a deadline for the repayment of bail money. Missing payment deadlines can result in huge penalties and additional expenses. Therefore, it is important to read the terms of a bail bonding company contract and repay the money on time to avoid penalties.

Overlooking the Need to Carry Out Research

Most people make the mistake of hiring any bail bonding company they come across. While most act out of frustration, this is not advisable. Taking time to research the reputation, experience, and professionalism of several bail bonding companies is important to determine the best bail service provider.

Hiring the right bail bonding company helps you better secure an immediate release from prison. Avoid making hiring mistakes like failure to consider the availability of the bail bond company for a smooth experience. Additionally, ensure you provide the right co-signer and research the various local bail bonding services to determine the best.

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