Is Your Property Right For Water Well Drilling?

Water wells have been a very useful component in countless properties across America for many years. Technology has advanced quite a bit from the old days when you simply dug down with a shovel and chisel, trying to get to the groundwater level without meeting any major rocks. Nowadays, there are a lot of different devices that can be used to tell if your property is actually suitable for water well drilling. Before you go and spend thousands on wells, make sure that they have come to your place and inspected it. Here are some considerations they need to take into account before drilling for water.

Surrounding Properties

Sometimes, depending on what the local businesses and residential properties are up to, water well drilling is not advised. For example, if you live near manufacturing plants that involve quite a lot of harsh chemicals, or even if you historically were close to more dangerous industries, then you may be denied a water well simply due to safety. It is impossible to guarantee the cleanliness of the water when you are that close to what can be potentially dangerous elements that could poison the water. It is rare that this causes the denial of water well, but it is important to know.

Agricultural Considerations

Just like how you don't want your groundwater poisoned by neighboring properties, you also do not want it poisoned by livestock. From cows to birds and everything in between, livestock can be very detrimental to the groundwater if you dig the well too close to them. Luckily, most of the time you can simply place the well further away from the animal pens and continue drilling, but that is necessary to keep in mind. You may get your water well, but it might not be exactly where you had it planned out. 


Some areas of your property will be much higher up than others, and while this may only be a few yards' difference, that can make drilling a lot harder. Most water wells are drilled on the lowest part of your property so that they can reach the water table more easily. If you want to save money and have a shorter construction turnaround, then listen to the experts when they advise that you build your water well somewhere away from the apex point on your land. It is much easier to pump water back up the hill once you have it rather than build a well directly on top of said hill. 

Contact a water well drilling company to learn more.

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