Three Things To Know When Finding Student Apartments To Rent

Student apartments are one of the many options available to college students looking to live away from home along with college dorm rooms and regular off-campus housing. It's important to note that student apartments, frequently called purpose-built housing (PBH) communities, are not only distinct from dorms but also generally have roommate matching services and non-traditional leases.

They're Different From Dorms

Dorm rooms are another common option for students looking for housing away from home, but dorms and student apartments have a few major differences. Dormitories are owned and managed by university staff and are typically bundled with a meal plan, rather than being privately owned and operated by a landlord or rental company. As such, you'll have to handle disputes between roommates and neighbors together rather than visiting a resident advisor. Additionally, not all student apartments have the amenities that dorm rooms offer. Many of them will offer high-speed internet and even an exercise space, but they won't have a dining room, and amenities are not as guaranteed as with college dorms.

There Might Be Roommate Matching Services

Some student apartments will offer roommate matching services as part of their services, much like how college dorms will try to match roommates together based on their interests and personal preferences. Not all PBH communities will offer this, but many have an interest in allowing prospective renters to live together cooperatively. If you choose to live off-campus in a regular apartment with a roommate, you'll need to find your own. This roommate matching is a great benefit for those that aren't ready or able to find their own roommate or don't trust the available apps.

They Offer A Non-Traditional Lease

Finally, one of the best parts of finding a student apartment for rent is that the leases are generally shorter and match the school calendar. This gives them a major step up over non-student housing, even given the same amenities and roommates, as you don't need to pay for an unused apartment. If you plan on living in the apartment for the entire year, then a longer lease is generally cheaper, but many students will return home between school seasons to either work or do extracurricular activities and don't want to pay for rent they don't need. If this fits your school plans, then student apartments will most likely work great for you.

Student apartments are one of the best options for college students looking for flexibility in their lease while living off-campus but still want some of the structure a dorm room brings. If this sounds like you, find a student apartment for rent near you today.

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