What Are The Benefits Of Onsite Financial Document Scanning?

Scanning financial documents allows you to digitize your records and paperwork. As well as creating more space in your office, scanned copies of key documents are easier to find, use, and store. Some businesses sign up for an offsite solution where they ship their documents to the scanning company. The company then digitizes the records. However, you can also use onsite solutions. Here, the scanning company comes to you. Some companies have mobile scanning vehicles that they park on-site; others come into your offices with their own equipment. But, what are the benefits of onsite scanning?

Speed up the Conversion Process

Once you've made the decision to scan all your records, then you'll want to get the job done as quickly as possible. If you send your paperwork to the scanning company, then you lose some speed. You'll have to pack up all your records and get them to the company. You'll then have to wait for them all to be scanned and digitized. If the scanning company is busy, you may have a longer wait until machines and personnel have the time to complete your job. However, if you choose an onsite solution, then the scanning company comes to you. You don't need to collect all your paperwork in advance; you can feed it to them in batches. You get a dedicated team and sole use of their equipment. So, you should be able to start and finish the whole process faster.

Maintain Control of Security

If your finance documents contain sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information, then you have to take care to keep the records secure. While a reputable scanning company vets its workers and has secure practices, you still have to get your records to them. The transit process might not be easy to manage as securely as you'd like. You also hand over control if you choose offsite scanning. Once the records leave your premises, you aren't there to watch over them and to check who has access to them.

Onsite scanning gives you more security and control. You know where your documents are at all times; you can even allocate an employee to monitor the process for you if you want. In some cases, you can also ask the scanning company to train a couple of your key workers so that they can scan documents that need extra security.

To find out more about onsite scanning, contact finance document scan specialists. A company, such as Indigital Inc, can provide additional information.

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