Adding A Wine Cellar To Your Restaurant

For restaurants, the alcohol collection can be an important asset as it may have some of the highest profit margins. This can be especially true for restaurants that sell high-end wine. Invest in the creation of a dedicated wine cellar to ensure that these high-value items are stored in a safe and optimal environment. Otherwise, you may find that the wine is unsellable due to suffering deterioration while in storage.

Avoid Going Short On The Temperature Control Systems

The temperature control systems are among the most important components of any wine cellar. When wine is allowed to get too warm, it can suffer rapid deterioration that will cause it to develop a vinegar-like taste. In addition to installing a primary temperature control system, it can also be advisable to have a secondary system. This will allow you to activate it if the primary system fails so that this area can remain an optimal temperature while you await a repair contractor. These backup systems do not have to be especially elaborate. For example, a portable air conditioning unit may be sufficient if the cellar is sufficiently insulated. Due to the importance of regulating the temperature of the wine cellar, it can be worth installing a system that can alert you if the temperature starts to get too high as this will let you know that there is a problem with the cooling system before damage can occur to the wine.

Keep The Wine Cellar Dark

Excessive light can be another source of damage to wine. In addition to blocking out natural light sources, you will also want to ensure that you are using gentle artificial lights. Individuals will often underestimate the power of artificial lights, but they can actually cause degradation to wine that is being stored. Furthermore, you may want to install a sensor that will turn off the lights if the room is empty for longer than a few minutes as this can be a convenient way of reducing the risk of accidentally leaving the lights on for long periods of time.

Invest In Securing The Wine Cellar

Unfortunately, your restaurant's wine cellar can be a target for criminals. The wine can be extremely valuable, which will make it well-worth securing the cellar. At a minimum, this should involve having a strong door and powerful lock. However, if your wine collection is especially valuable, it may be worth installing security cameras. This will allow you to be sure that employees or other individuals with access to the wine cellar are not stealing expensive bottles. This can also assist in obtaining discounts on your insurance as many insurance companies may offer discounts for security upgrades to protect these high-value items.

To learn more, contact a company that makes custom wine cellars.

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