Moving Your Business? Tips To Get Your Computers Moved Safely

If you are moving your business part of this is moving your monitors and computers. Because they are electronics you need to be careful in how they are packed and moved. This will ensure your computers and other equipment will not become damaged. Keep reading for tips on packing your computers in the right way.

Pack Monitors

The monitors can easily get damaged if not packed correctly. First, wrap each separate monitor with plastic wrap, then wrap them in a thick blanket. You can purchase moving blankets, or a commercial moving service can provide these blankets for you. Once wrapped in the blanket, place each monitor into a separate box. If there are any spaces in the boxes, fill in these spaces with something like packing peanuts. This will prevent the monitors from moving around in the box during the move.

If you have the boxes that the monitors came in, you should put the monitors in these. This will offer even more protection for them.

Pack Computers

For computer towers you need to also wrap these securely in moving blankets. Secure the blankets with packing tape. Place each computer into a separate box. Do not sit anything on top of the computers or they can become damaged. When moving do not let the computers sit in high heat as this will also damage them. 

As with monitors, if you have the original boxes for the computers pack them in these first and then into the packing box. 

Pack Cables

Cables can become mixed up very easily. This is a nightmare once you start setting everything up at your new office. To prevent this, ask each person at their desk to wrap their own cables and then mark the box with their name. Each cable can be secured with ties that you can purchase for this purpose. Put a label on the cable itself on what it connects to, such as cables for the monitor, computer, etc. This will make it much easier when unpacking and setting up. 

You likely also have routers that you use for your business. If so, pack these cables along with the individual routers. This will keep everything together so you can get your computer system up and running more quickly.

The commercial moving company can help you pack your computer equipment if you need help. The moving company can provide you with all moving supplies that you need, such as boxes, blankets, tape, and much more.

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