Looking to Prep Your Small Business for Tornadoes and Floods? 3 Solutions That Can Help

As a business owner, there are a lot of safety features and obligations that you need to have around your building in case of an emergency. You need to be prepared for things like fire, flooding, a tornado, and forced entry by an intruder.

Meeting the bare minimum expectations by the state for prevention or preparation is one thing but going above requirements to try to increase the safety of your staff shows you are committed to safety at your commercial property. You'll want to look into getting these things.  

1. Tornado Shelter

If there is no basement or underground tornado shelter in your building, consider installing an above-ground tornado shelter. This will go inside a space in the building because the frame of the shelter is designed to withstand the weight of the building if it came crashing down on the shelter.

Be sure that you get a shelter large enough to hold the number of employees needed. Get quotes and consider stocking water and snacks in the shelter once it's constructed. If the tornado sirens go off, you and your employees will have a shelter instead of hiding in a closet and hoping for the best. You can learn more about commercial tornado shelters by contacting services like Texas Storm Shelter.

2. Panic Button

Having a panic button for a manager or a staff professional can save lives by alerting everyone else about an intruder or sudden emergency. This is often hidden so intruders don't know that the button was pushed. This button will also notify the authorities immediately to come to the property. If you already have an existing security system, the panic button can be added, too. 

3. Flotation Options

If you are in an area where mass flooding occurs and the flooding sometimes happens suddenly, you may want to have large, commercial-grade flotation devices. This way you can get everyone out of the water and keep everyone dry if they can't get to their vehicles and the building is filling with water.

Be sure to have backup supplies like water, flashlights, water, and food that could sustain everyone for a day or so if you lost power, experienced a tornado, or survived a flood. Talk with your business insurance provider to let them know that you have made these changes in preparation for a natural disaster to see if they are willing to give you a lowered rate.

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