Tips For A Great Visit To Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll is one of the top destinations in the Marshall Islands. This island is known for its coral reef, the traditional culture of its people, and its history as a nuclear test site. Visiting can be really eye-opening and enjoyable, but there are a few tips you should follow for a great experience.

1. Venture outside the nuclear testing site destinations.

The nuclear test sites have become a key attraction on Bikini Atoll. You'll come across many companies that sell tours of these sites and other experiences in and around them. You should certainly visit these sites, but be careful not to let this become the whole of your visit, as some travelers do. There's more to experience on Bikini island, and even if you are only there for a couple of days, it's worth venturing out.

2. Go scuba diving.

If you've never gone scuba diving before, you may figure this is not an option on your vacation. But there are scuba companies on the island that cater to beginners. They will have you take a class on scuba safety and the operation of scuba equipment before taking you into the water with an educated, helpful guide. Scuba diving on Bikini Atoll is some of the best in the region. You will see magnificent coral reefs, tropical fish, and even small sharks. (Don't worry; they are not the types that attack people.) You'll leave not only having seen the beauty that lies off the coast, but also with a better understanding of scuba and some basic scuba skills.

3. Explore on your own.

Bikini Island is a great place to just wander around. It's very safe, there are really no "bad" sections. It's also hard to get lost, since there are only a few main streets. As you wander, you will discover lovely shops, unique restaurants, and beautiful homes. You will also encounter lots of friendly people.

4. Try the street food.

There are restaurants on Bikini Atoll, and they are delicious. But if you really want great food at a low price, you have to try the street food. A popular choice is pandanus, which are balls of seasoned rice. Fermented breadfruit paste, wrapped in banana leaf, is another popular option. Most options cost only a dollar or two, so sample away!

Visiting Bikini Atoll is sure to be life-changing. This is a gorgeous island and one worth experiencing to the fullest.

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