What Items Should You Consider Cleaning With Ammonia In Your Home?

Aqua ammonia, also referred to as ammonium hydroxide, is household-grade ammonia. It is the type of ammonia that you can buy in the cleaning aisle of any big-box retailer or home improvement store. While there are many products out there that you can clean your home with, it is important to note that certain cleaning solutions are more beneficial for cleaning certain parts of your home than other cleaning solutions. This is because each product has its own weaknesses and strengths. Here are three common items that you should consider cleaning with ammonia in your home. 

Lifting Stains from Your Carpet

Ammonia is a great way to remove tough stains from your carpet. Simply mix one teaspoon to one tablespoon of ammonia, depending on how set the stain is, with one cup of warm water in a spray bottle, and then spritz the stain with the solution. Dab at the stain until it starts to lift, spraying more solution as needed. Ammonia is not only able to lift many tough stains, including red wine and grape juice, but it can also neutralize tough pet odors, including cat urine that may be in the carpet. 

Removing Tough Grease and Oil from Your Stove

Ammonia is also a great way to remove tough grease, oil, and animal fat from your cooking appliances, such as your oven, stove, or microwave. Ammonia is able to break down fats and oils, making it one of the best ways to remove these types of stains and spills from your cooking appliances. When cleaning appliances, you can mix one quarter aqua ammonia with three parts water to use as a cleaning spray. For tougher spots or stains, use equal parts ammonia and water. 

Cleaning Dust and Fingerprints from Your Glass

The last item you should consider cleaning with ammonia in your home is glass. Ammonia dries fast and will not leave streaks on glass if removed quickly. You can clean glass surfaces in your home with straight ammonia if desired. For those who cannot stomach the scent of pure ammonia, mix 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, two tablespoons of ammonia, and 1/4 teaspoon of a grease-fighting liquid dish soap to create your own glass cleaner. 

If you are looking to deep clean your home, learning what products are best suited for what task can help you to more efficiently clean your home. While aqua ammonia can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including toilets, bathtubs, and countertops, this product shines when it is being used to lift carpet stains, remove fat and grease from your cleaning appliances and when being used to clean glass surfaces in your home. For more information, contact companies like R.M. Technologies of America

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