3 Things You Should Know About Using a Local Moving Company

If you are in the planning phase of a local move, you may be thinking about doing it yourself. After all, you only need to rent a truck and get some friends to do some heavy lifting. But this is not preferable to hiring a local mover. A local moving company will get the job done quickly and with fewer problems associated with moving. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind about hiring a local mover.

You should hire a company with experience

Unlike long-distance movers, it is easier to start a local moving business. All you really need is a couple of men, a couple of carts or dollies and a truck. All of these things can be rented. But this doesn't mean the movers have much experience. For this reason, you need a mover who has been in business for a few years. This will mean they have a good reputation in the community and will have their own equipment. A good local mover will have at least one large truck.

You should make a reservation

Local movers are always busy. People are moving from one end of town to another, but sometimes they are only moving someone a mile away. You need to decide who you want to move your items and then hire a company in advance. Avoid attempts to hire a company on short notice. It may be possible to do this, but the better companies will already be booked. Also, it is easier to make a reservation for a weekday versus a weekend, and local movers are always busier at the end of the month as leases expire or the rent is only paid up until the end of the month.

You need to decide on who will pack

Are you going to do the packing yourself? If so, this is likely to make your move more time-consuming. You will need to get enough boxes and then go through the process of packing everything in both a safe and organized manner. All of this can be done by a professional packer. Many good local movers offer this service in addition to moving your items. Having both packing and moving done for you is the easiest and least stressful way to move.

These are just a few things to keep in mind about a local move. If you do choose to hire a packer and a mover, you can still pack items that are personal or things you want to use immediately. Some items a mover will not touch, such as chemicals, so you will need to dispose of them or move them yourself.

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