Acting Within Your Rights When You File An Insurance Claim, Are Denied, And Want To Fight It

Filing an insurance claim is a nail-biting event. You never really know how this is going to turn out, and you are really hopeful that it turns out for the better. However, there are times and cases where filing a claim does not work in your favor, and your claim may even be denied. If you think that your claim should have resulted in more money, or that it should not have been denied, you have rights. Do not give up on the claim if you feel you are within your rights by filing it and expecting a resolution. Here is how to proceed when your claim is denied. 

Hire a Public Adjuster

Do not let the word "adjuster" throw you. Yes, an adjuster is one who looks at the damages for which you are filing a claim, and you probably already had an insurance adjuster out to see the damages. Yet, you should know that the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you. He/she was not there to evaluate the damages on your behalf, but rather for the purposes of the insurance company.

A public adjuster, however, is someone who does similar work but is working on your behalf. You pay this adjuster, and this adjuster is your ally in the fight to get your claim through and/or receive more compensation on your claim. Hiring the public adjuster may just be the best thing you have done, or could ever do, for your insurance claim and level of compensation, next to hiring a lawyer. 

File a Claims Appeal

Now that you have the public defender's evaluation of the damages, file a claims appeal. This forces the insurance company to take another look at your claim. Since you now have someone in your corner who can tell the insurance company exactly why they owe you payment (or owe you more), the insurance company is less likely to refuse your claim. If the insurance company is particularly stubborn and once again refuses your claim, you can hire a lawyer to pursue the issue. Your public adjuster then becomes your star witness in the matter, and one who can and will testify in court that the claim you filed and sought damages for is valid and should be paid according to the terms of your insurance policy. Once a lawsuit is filed, your insurance company will either settle out of court or push it all the way through court to avoid paying until a judge says they have to pay. 

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