The Perfect Hand-Drawn Greeting Card For Someone's Birthday

People feel passionate about their hobbies. For some, their hobbies define who they are. That doesn't mean they spend all their time thinking about and participating in hobbyist pursuits. Rather, they chose hobbies that connect well with their personality. People who love bowling, for example, might be competitive people who enjoy a sport that also comes with a social element. Bowling teams not only square against one another, but they also spend a fun night enjoying themselves at the local bowling alley. So, it can be a nice touch to send a bowling enthusiast a greeting card with a bowling alley action shot on it. 

The Custom Bowling Card Request

Finding such a card at the local drug store might not turn up any results. We are talking about a truly unique concept for a greeting card after all. However, there are artistic professionals and companies like Wicker Goddess capable of producing a hand-drawn greeting card. Not only will the bowling shot captivate attention, so does the one-of-a-kind nature of the card. Recipients do scrutinize gifts and cards for the thoughts behind them. The intentions of someone who procured a hand-drawn card, one that highlights a beloved hobby, won't likely go unnoticed.

An Idea for an Image on the Card

While the artist could create a generic image of a bowler, it might be better to recreate an incident that actually occurred. So, if someone's birthday is coming up and there's a picture of that person holding a bowling trophy, send a copy of that picture to the artist. The artist could recreate the scene on the front of the card. The birthday person might feel surprised to see themselves on the cover. More than surprised, they may feel touched. After all, putting so much thought into crafting a custom card does show that you care. They may feel "double touched" upon opening the card to see the second image.

The Inside Image

While the card doesn't necessarily need an image on the inside, adding some illustrations wouldn't hurt. On the right side of the card's interior, kind words that express heartfelt sentiments convey birthday or other wishes. Adding another custom image, even one relegated to the margins, enhances the card. A beautiful border could appear on the right side, left side, and top of the words. The bottom, however, could display a bowling pin set up, one that shares similarities to lands at the birthday person's favorite alley.

Thanks to so many cool drawings, maybe the card will be more memorable than the birthday.

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