Propane Can Be Useful For These Applications On A Farm

Regardless of the size and type of farm that you operate, you need to think about how you'll provide power to it. Typically, various parts of a farm will draw power from a number of different sources. For example, the lights in your barn will commonly run off electricity, while you'll probably power your tractors and other equipment with diesel or gasoline. It's worthwhile to consider the many other sources of power that can benefit your farm, including propane. A big benefit of propane is that you can have a tank on your property that a delivery truck will fill regularly. Here are some ways that you can use this fuel source on your farm.

Barn Heaters

If you keep animals over the cold winter months, you need to have a plan for ensuring that they stay warm. While the barn will provide some shelter, and the presence of the animals will heat the barn to some degree, it's still necessary to look at various heat sources. Propane-powered barn heaters are a popular choice for many farmers, who rely on this affordable and clean-burning fuel source to run the heaters that will keep their animals at a suitable temperature when it's cold outside.

Crop Dryers

If your farming business focuses more on crops than on livestock, you may need to dry certain crops before selling them. While you'll simply air dry some things — hay, for example — other crops need to dry more quickly and in a controlled environment. Wheat, corn, and other similar crops often require this type of drying. You'll want to look into propane-powered crop dryers. These are typically enormous contained units in which you load the crop, and a propane-powered heat source runs nearby to pump hot air into the unit until the crop reaches a desired level of dryness.


When you run a farm, a power shortage can be catastrophic. While you won't run out of propane because of your regular deliveries, a power outage could leave you without electricity for a period of time. Commercial-caliber, propane-powered generators will be a valuable asset. Even though they won't often need to run, you'll feel a sense of security in knowing that they're available when you need them. A generator of this type can power virtually anything that you need on the farm until the issue with the primary power source is rectified in one way or another.

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