Ways To Decrease The Chances Of Mold Developing In A Basement

Basements are one of the most common parts of a home to develop mold issues. This is because the basement tends to sit below ground, where water in the ground sits against the foundation, and can seep into the basement. Fortunately, there are many mold prevention steps you can take to reduce the odds of mold developing in this space or eliminate mold growth altogether. Here are a few tips that can help you to decrease the chances of mold developing in your basement. 

Outside Drainage System

One of the ways to decrease the chances of mold developing in a basement includes installing an outside drainage system, such as a French drain. An outside drainage system collects water and then routes it away from your home where it can drain. This keeps water from seeping through the ground and potentially making its way to your basement. 

Waterproofing the Foundation

One of the most effective ways to decrease the chances of mold developing in a basement is to waterproof the foundation. Waterproofing the foundation includes excavating all of the land around your home's foundation and then installing a waterproof membrane on the foundation. This is the most expensive and laborious way to keep water, and thus mold, out of the basement. This also protects your foundation from water-related problems.

Mold Resistant Paint

Mold resistant paint is a product that keeps water from seeping all the way through your basement walls and allowing mold to develop. Mold resistant paint is a fast and easy way to protect your basement from mold. 

Spray Foam Insulation

Traditional batt and fiberglass insulation can absorb water, which then allows it to pass through to your basement. Spray foam insulation has many benefits, including the fact that it does not allow water to pass through it. This can prevent mold in a basement, as well as keeping your basement warm and helping to soundproof.

A Dehumidifier

The final way to decrease the chances of mold developing in a basement include buying and running a dehumidifier in the space. Mold is not always caused by outside water seeping into a basement. If you live in a humid environment, the humidity in the air can cause mold. Running a dehumidifier in your basement reduces this moisture, which helps to prevent mold. 

The best ways to prevent mold can vary from one house to another, based on the specific water issues that are present on your property. Mold prevention services can evaluate your home and basement area and help you to come up with mold prevention solutions that are ideal for your space, and then implement them. Contact a mold prevention service today to schedule an inspection of your home. 

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