Three Factors You Need To Consider When Renting A Forklift

If your business does not routinely use a forklift, it may make more financial sense to rent a forklift rather than to purchase one. Renting a forklift allows you to pay only for the days you need a forklift, prevents you from having to pay for maintenance and repairs, and allows you to select the right forklift for every job you have. Knowing what factors to consider as you look at various forklifts for rent can help you when it comes to picking the right one for every job. Here are three factors that can guide you to the right forklift. 

The Amount of Weight the Forklift Can Lift

One of the factors you need to keep in mind when you are looking to rent a forklift is the weight capacity of the forklift versus the weight of the items that you need to lift with the forklift. The weight capacity varies for different types of forklifts, as does the height that the lift extends to. Keeping in mind how much weight you need the lift to lift and how high you need the lift to reach can ensure you find a forklift capable of handling the load you need to be moved and lifted. 

How the Item You Are Lifting Is Packaged

Another important factor to consider is how the items you are lifting with the forklift are packaged. Most forklifts are designed to lift pallets. However, if you have items that are shrink-wrapped or strapped onto a piece of plywood, you may need a forklift with special forks or attachments on it. Always consider how the item will be packaged when it is being moved to find a forklift that can move these items without damaging them. 

The Environment You Plan on Using the Forklift In

The last element that you need to consider before renting a forklift is what environment you plan on using the forklift in. Forklift tires can vary. You can find forklifts that are designed to be used in indoor warehouse or forklifts that have tires that can go over sand or dirt outdoors. The environment you are using the forklift in affects the types of tires you need on the unit you are renting. 

Many people assume that every forklift is the same. This is not the case. The weight capacity that a forklift can lift, the design of the forks on the lift, and the types of tires on the forklift can all vary. Taking into account each of the above three factors can help you to learn what type of forklift you need to be looking for as you are looking for a forklift for rent

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