Titanium: The Wonder Metal And Its Uses

Titanium is one of those metals that almost seems as though it were wished into being. It is impossible to reproduce on an atomic level in a lab, and yet there is enough natural titanium harvested from the Earth to prove that it exists. It is also a "dream metal" for many reasons. It is stronger than steel, and as light as aluminum, but the other two metals really cannot hold a candle to titanium. For those reasons, titanium is frequently used in many products, and often combined with other metals that are near it on the metals strength charts. Here are just some of the uses for titanium of which you may or may not be aware. 

Titanium White Paint

If you pick up a tube of artist's paint or pull a gallon of interior paint off of a shelf, it may contain titanium. In fact, if the name of the white paint literally says, "titanium white," it contains titanium. This metal was ground and added in for pigment because titanium is a naturally silvery-white metal that works well as a pigment in paint. For further proof that titanium is in your paint, read the ingredients on the tube, or the MSDS sheet on the gallon of paint. 

Titanium in Every Space Vehicle, Plane, and Monorail Car

Because titanium is incredibly lightweight but strong, its principle properties lend itself very well to all kinds and modes of transportation. Titanium alloys of several types have been used to make spacecraft, jets, rockets, planes, and even modern train cars and monorail cars. Its "futuristic" use in monorails was discovered several decades ago, and used to promote the construction of monorails where and when it was feasible to do so. Some car manufacturers in recent decades have also explored the use of titanium in creating cars that are more aerodynamic and light and can move faster because of these properties. 

Titanium Pipes

Because titanium cannot rust or corrode, it is the choice metal for pipes. If you ever want to swap out PVC or old iron pipes for something better, ask your plumber/plumbing contractor for titanium pipes. It might take a few days to get them ordered and delivered, but then you will have pipes that will last a very long time and never rust. This feature of titanium also makes them an excellent choice for industrial plant pipes, regardless of what flows through them. 

Talk to a titanium supplier for more information.

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