Property Management: Hire A Person Or Hire A Team?

When you realize that you now own more than one piece of property, and being only one person, you can only live at one place at a time, you may want to hire someone to look after the property you do not reside in for a big chunk of the year. Question is, do you hire an individual property manager, or do you hire property management team services? Here is how to decide if you will hire one person or a whole team. 

The Size of Your Home

If you have a smaller lot with a smaller house (e.g., less than a quarter acre and/or less than 1400 square feet), then you might only need one person to manage things. The lot is small enough that one person could mow the lawn and trim the bushes in just a couple of hours. The interior of the smaller home does not require much beyond the occasional dusting and turning on the heat in the fall and the air conditioning in summer. 

On the opposite end of this spectrum, if you have a house that is double, triple, or quadruple the aforementioned square footage, then you are going to need a team. The yard is undoubtedly much larger too, with a lot more landscaping that requires more frequent attention. It will take more than one person to maintain this property just because the size and the expanse of it all.

The Location of the Property

There are certain circumstances that require a property manager's more frequent presence. The first is when the property is located in a wooded area, where it is more likely to experience downed tree damage or breaking and entering if left without a caretaker. The second is when the house is located in a not-so-nice neighborhood. While it might be left alone for a while, eventually, would-be criminals may notice that nobody seems to be tending to the place. That is often an invitation for breaking and entering. Only one property manager is really needed, but you may want to hire a team of two or more so that the first individual is safe and has help. 

The Seasons the Property Experiences

If the property in question experiences all four seasons of the year, including snow in winter, you will need a team. One person will have to be responsible for clearing most of the snow, while the other person turns on the heat and monitors things inside the house. A third person can help remove snow from the windows and doorways and remove snow from around gas meters and electric meters outside. If the house never sees snow, one person can manage the property just fine. 

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